5 aug. 2010

To my English Friends

Hey all,i`m really exciting that people across the world is visiting my blog.I hope you visit me more times.Please write me a comment,and why not leave your address,so i visit your blog.If there is something you think is missing,please let me know.Here is my story about myself,i`m a women that soon to be 29 years old in autumn.
I`m married and have one son,and his name is Franko.
I was born in Sweden,but my parents came from Turkey,but we are christen and syrian.
My hobby is to bake which you maybe see here in my blog.My husband is from Syria,and have been here in Sweden almost 2 years.It`s really hard, because he can`t Swedish,and it makes life so much difficult.Cause he is study the langues.And have difficult with the economy.
I hope you know more about me,and if you have any questions please fell free to ask me.

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